The Social Innovation Labs (SinnoLab), established with the cooperation and support of the European Union as part of the Silice by Erasmus+ project, acts as an incubator for thinking, diagnosing, and creating initiatives in the business, social, and educational fields. Emphasis is placed on gender advancement and the future economic feasibility of the business initiatives.

SinnoLab is an incubator in the process of formal/informal training and professional development of teaching students and teaching staff, officials in the education system, school students, and professionals in the public and private sectors. It is also a space for promoting institutional, student, and school initiatives; and creating inter-organizational connections to deepen entrepreneurship and make it economical with a horizon for long-term activity among businesses.


The first hackathon for social entrepreneurship of Sakhnin Academic College, 27-28.03.2019

The hackathon took place at the Town Associations for Environmental Quality (TAEQ) in Sakhnin; eight teams of three students participated. The winning team won a fully funded trip to the “international camp for Entrepreneurship and social-economical Innovations” on the island of VIS in Croatia, where it presented its project. The hackathon hosted the EU ambassador Mr. Emanuele Giaufret and the college president Prof. Mahmood Khalil who congratulated the teams and heard about their initiatives.

The winning team developed an agricultural application called “Sahil2U” to help farmers and consumers. The name reflects the app’s goal of providing consumers with products directly from the field efficiently and smartly. “Sahil” in Arabic means either “field” or “easy.”

Two teams shared second place: one team developed an online charity site called Greenpay, and the other developed a ‘gold bin’ to sort garbage into four main categories and provide its users with a ‘be green card’ to earn points for each item they discard of. Team members shared the prize money winnings in the amount of 3,000 ILS.

The team in third place developed an application called “Support the local economy.” Team members shared the prize money winnings in the amount of 2,100 ILS.

The faculty members who accompanied the teams throughout the entire process – which included workshops and guest lectures on the principles of social entrepreneurship, the basics of developing an entrepreneurial idea, and the elements and factors to be considered in the development process – included Dr. Waleed Khalifa, Dr. Manal Yazbak Abu Ahmad, Dr. Abed Shalata, Dr. Yaser Awad, Dr. Hussein Taraby, and Ms. Hanadi Hajras, an expert in developing socio-economic entrepreneurship skills in a positive relationship with the environment.


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