The Department for the Retraining of Academics and Continuing Education strives to help the Arab education system absorb quality teachers and sees academics as a unique group of learners whose choice is based on desire and a sense of mission, capable of leading change in the Arab education system. 

The program offers a variety of content and age-related specialization areas. It is adapted to the needs of the learners and considers that they are working people and have families and allows scheduling of the studies according to a personal learning pace.

The diverse curricula combine theoretical learning, including basic studies in education and teaching and disciplinary specialization studies, and practical teaching experience in various educational settings. Emphasis is placed on the teaching experience accompanied by the highest level of professional guidance and training, and the students experience diverse teaching and learning methods, including active learning, learning in groups and workshops, research groups, distance learning, and more.  


  •         Teaching Certificate Studies (for academics and teachers with a teaching license)
  • Studies Towards a B.Ed. Bachelor’s Degree (for holders of a certified or senior certified teacher’s certificate)
  • Teaching Certification Extensions (for holders of a BA and teaching certificate)

The duration of the studies is determined according to the individual plan, the learner’s previous academic education, and the specialization requirements. Classes occur on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 8:30 – 16:30.

Specialization tracks:

  • Arabic language and literature Elementary track (1-6)
  • English language and literature Elementary track (1-6)
  • English language and literature Secondary school track (7-10)
  • Science Elementary track (1-6)
  • Mathematics Elementary track (1-6)
  • Mathematics Secondary school track (7-10)
  • Early Childhood (Birth – 6)
  • Special Education(for ages 6 – 21)

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum average grade of 75 or a minimum average of 70 for those with an academic degree in natural and exact sciences.
  • A minimum score of 70 in the Arabic language entry exam (for those specializing in Arabic language and literature, a minimum score of 75 is required).
  • Certification by the Ministry of Education’s Division for Evaluation of Foreign Academic Degrees (for holders of a degree from foreign countries).
  • A passing score of at least 85 in the Ya’el test for holders of a degree from foreign countries (the Hebrew classification test for candidates whose mother tongue is not Hebrew).
  • Holders of a degree from foreign countries with certification by the Ministry of Education’s Division for Evaluation of Foreign Academic Degrees, who register for a teaching certificate that corresponds to the disciplinary specialization of their degree, will be required to pass a knowledge test in the discipline with a score of at least 75.

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