Sakhnin Academic College was established in 2001 and recognized in 2004 by the Council for Higher Education (CHE) as an academic institution licensed to award bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and teaching in a growing number of tracks, fields and training methods. The campus is located in the city of Sakhnin in the heart of the Galilee, between the settlements of the Jezreel Valley to its east and the settlements of Acre to its west, providing diverse study opportunities to the Arab population in general and the Galilee in particular. Access to and from the campus, from all over the country, is convenient for those arriving by private car or public transportation.

The college was established to enable women and men from Arab society in Israel to fully realize their potential for education and development, later pass on their knowledge and skills, and provide an appropriate response to the vital needs of the entire Arab population in Israel.

Sakhnin Academic College advocates innovation in teaching, and it develops various programs and tracks based on advanced technology and innovative learning models.  Furthermore, the college has maintained worldwide academic connections as part of various international programs and projects operating on campus.

The college is administered by an association, of which Dr. Shimshon Shoshani, former Director-General of the Ministry of Education and Culture, is the chairman of its board of trustees. It is headed by a CHE-approved academic council headed by Prof. Faisal Azaizah.

In conclusion, Sakhnin Academic College is considered a central and leading academic institution for training educators in Arab society in Israel in general, and in the north of the country, in particular. The college is a living and dynamic body that adheres to ongoing self-examination and is constantly evolving and perfecting.

The college offers studies and training in the following programs and tracks:

  • Bachelor’s degree in education (B.Ed) with a teaching certificate
  • Master’s degree in Education (M.Ed)
  • Master’s degree with an M. Teach certificate
  • Certification extension courses for teachers with a B.Ed or B.A.
  • B.Ed Completion for Teachers with a Certified/ Senior-Certified Teacher Certificate 
  • Re-training academics as teachers 
  • Completion of a teaching certificate for teachers with only a teaching license
  • Teaching training for paramedical professionals
  • Professional development, continuing education, and certificate studies
  • Pre-academic preparatory program