The ImagineLab” provides an immersive, interactive, 3D learning environment that illustrates the learning model in the future classroom. A learning environment that combines educational strategies and advanced pedagogies that are a practical and modern alternative to the traditional classroom and present an innovative educational vision that adequately responds to the development of science and the changes occurring in educational technology.

The ImagineLab” also includes a computer room for editing and practicing lesson plans and study units that are being adapted from traditional teaching to teaching through the immersive learning environment. Department heads, program heads, and faculty members come in groups or individually to receive technical, pedagogical, and technological support from ImagineLab’s instructors.

Sakhnin Academic College inaugurated the “ImagineLab” for the training of teaching staff in collaboration with the “Athena” Fund to promote the professional and digital development of teachers in Israel, and it enables the college to promote significant changes in the field of education in Israel in general, and in Arab society in particular.

The Lab uses the technologies of the virtual world and augmented reality, thus constituting a model for a learning environment rich in resources and digital products, sound, visual, and movement elements and effects that stimulate the senses and allows students to immerse themselves in the learning experience and in what is known as “immersive learning”.

Through the “ImagineLab,” participants (whether a teacher or a student) experience a unique and different learning experience through which they can see abstract concepts and complex ideas up close, experience dangerous situations,

and perform complicated experiments that are difficult to achieve in reality, which helps and makes it easier to internalize the information and understand it in depth.

These technologies promote teamwork and cooperative work and expose the learner to human pluralism and cultural diversity. Moreover, with the help of consistent and ongoing guidance and appropriate guidance, the student will acquire the skills required to develop and grow as an independent learner.

Without any doubt, the latest technological developments are changing the traditional roles of the lecturer/teacher, as the task is not limited to the delivery of study content only but is developing into the job of planning and designing relevant and meaningful learning experiences, as well as accompanying and guiding the students in unique experiences of this kind.

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