The program is designed to train mathematics teachers for grades 1 through 6. Training lasts 4 years and grants a graduate degree in teaching (B.Ed) and a teaching certificate in mathematics and geometry.

The curriculum consists of 106-109 weekly-hours (w-hrs.), and is comprised of the following components: core and enrichment studies total of 7-10 w-hrs., educational studies and teacher training 28 w-hrs. (21 w-hrs. general and 7 w-hrs. education for grades 1-2), specialization studies (mathematics 26 w-hrs., mathematical education 15 w-hrs. and Arabic language and literature studies 15 w-hrs.), as well as practical field experience in teaching 15 w-hrs..

Math studies provide students with a broad and in-depth knowledge of various mathematical topics, including analysis, Euclidean geometry, plane and spatial geometry, algebraic and mathematical structures, graphs and functions, number theory, set theory, statistics and probability, the history of mathematics and challenging problems in mathematics.

As part of the mathematical education studies, students acquire methods and skills for the development of mathematical thinking and the teaching of mathematics in grades 1 through 6. They analyze local and international research dealing with mathematics education in elementary school, discuss them and examine the teaching methods they propose. Additionally, they are exposed to the mathematics curricula and teaching materials intended for the age group in question, develop didactic abilities and a good and in-depth understanding of the subject, and acquire tools and skills.

In recent years, Sakhnin College has emphasized the study of mathematics. The mathematics and mathematical education teams are engaged in developing a challenging environment while focusing on establishing and expanding basic mathematics, developing quantitative thinking, instilling appropriate work-habits and fostering excellence.

The curriculum and the variety of activities carried out by the mathematics department are designed to build and foster students’ confidence and belief in their ability to study mathematics with pleasure, and in a manner that will allow them to become effective teachers in the future. The teaching methods in the mathematics department are always being tested and are subject to constant changes and improvements. The department recognizes the importance of good communication and cooperative learning and works to balance and combine the need to adhere to changes and reforms with the aspiration to properly teach and clarify basic concepts in mathematics. 

Academic staff

Graduates tell

Assala Sarhan
Mathematics Department Graduate, Excellence track, 2012-2015
"At the college, I found a new home with wonderful lecturers who supported me and helped me adapt quickly and continue to excel. My studies at the college were full of exciting challenges and opened new horizons for me and paved the way for my prosperous future. Since graduating I have been working as a math teacher, I completed my MA at Tel Aviv Univ. also with honors, and now I hope to start the journey towards a Ph.D."
Malach Asala
Mathematics Department Graduate, Excellence track, 2019-2021
“I chose Sakhnin College because of its unmistakable scientific and academic level, alongside its geographical location. At the Department of Mathematics, I found the starting point for a successful and bright future. Thanks to a professional and special team, which always supported me during my studies and helped me overcome all the difficulties and obstacles, I graduated with honors. I learned a variety of teaching methods and acquired a lot of tools and skills through which I developed myself and my abilities[...] and became an empowered and successful teacher capable of teaching future generations. Today I am taking a new step at the college and studying for a master's degree in School-based Evaluation, and my message to every student is "Nothing is Impossible for you"!”

מבנה התוכנית

Component First Year Year B Year C Year D Total
Core and Enrichment Studies 4-5 2-4 1 - 7-10
Education Studies and Teacher Training 6 6 7 2 21
Training for Teaching Grades 1-2 7 - - - 7
Practical Field Experience 3 6 6 - 15
Mathematics Studies 6 8 6 6 26
Mathematical Education Studies 4 4 3 4 15
Arabic Language and Literature Studies 3 5 5 2 15
Total Weekly Hours 1st-4th Years 30-31 30-32 34 12 106-109


No admission requirements

  • Eligibility for a matriculation
  • certificate Matriculation average 92 or higher
  • Admission interview for studies

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