The Master’s Program in Education with a specialization in Management and Organization of Education Systems was established to address the unique needs of the Arab education system in Israel. This two-year program awards an M.Ed. with a specialization in Management and Organization of Education Systems. It is intended for teachers and officials interested in becoming school principals or staffing other managerial positions. 

The program combines up-to-date theoretical-research components and applied components related to educational-pedagogical activities in both traditional and multicultural societies. The studies in the program offer a moral, cultural, social, and political perspective on the Israeli education system in general and on the Arab education system in particular, and special attention is paid to the socio-cultural structure of Arab society. This issue is reflected in applied activities that deal with the principal’s work in the Israeli education system and the connection between the system and the wider socio-cultural environment.

The program ensures a high academic level, relying on senior academic staff with experience and deep familiarity with the Arab education system and culture in particular and the Israeli one in general. It includes 26 weekly hrs. and consists of core studies and specialties. Core studies, totaling 5 weekly-hrs., aim to provide the theoretical and research background needed to build school leadership while addressing the unique situation of the Arab education system in Israel. The specialties studies, totaling 21 weekly-hrs., including an applied final project, are intended to provide students with knowledge and familiarity with the school as an organization in a changing multicultural society.

The program also seeks to strengthen the organizational and managerial aspects of the future manager’s work. It, therefore, also includes courses dealing with fundamental theories concerning education administration, educational leadership, using a budget as a managerial tool, decision-making, planning, and legal issues in education law. In this spirit, and to bring schools into the 21st century, particular emphasis is placed on digital pedagogy and distance learning. 

Ms. Sherine Hibi
Administrative Manager
Mrs. Mai Assala