The role of the Early Childhood Department is to foster educator kindergarten teachers with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to work with young children in a multicultural and changing society, emphasizing the difference and uniqueness of each child. It grants a bachelor’s degree in Education (B.Ed.) with a specialization in Early Childhood.

The program trains students to become kindergarten teachers who not only have rich and varied academic knowledge in education, teaching, didactics, and evaluation but also possess a deep understanding of the characteristics of early childhood, including the characteristics of children with special needs at this age.

It aims to train students to have a strong personality and the ability to manage a kindergarten. It emphasizes cultivating self-awareness and reflective thinking regarding the personal and educational processes they go through during their studies and their image as women educators. 

The early childhood track extends 4 years of study and combines theoretical studies and practical experience. It consists of education and teaching studies totaling 12 weekly hours (w-hrs.), disciplinary studies totaling 56 w-hrs., core and enrichment studies totaling 4 w-hrs., and clinical training in various preschool settings totaling 18 w-hrs.

The department also offers the option of expanding certification for teaching grades 1-2 through completing designated courses totaling 12 w-hrs, and meeting additional requirements, as detailed in the program.

Academic staff

Students and graduates tell

Tugaan Sharara
"The experience and support that the student receives from the early education department staff at Sakhnin College develops her in various fields. For my part, I felt that I was both progressing personally and getting professional tools for working with children. The learning experience in the 'Children's Literature' course inspired me, and today I work as a children’s storyteller and operate a puppet theater in kindergartens in the North District. This year I developed a new career as the director of a private puppet theater."
Laviba Halaila
"I am so happy that I studied education with a specialization in early childhood. On the professional side, I received tools that taught me how to be a kindergarten director, and on the personal side, I received tools that help me to be a strong, successful and ground-breaking woman. Today I am a graduate student in behavior analysis. To this day, I keep in touch with the head of the department and the faculty and receive support and advice from them."
Amira Saadi
third year
"I am satisfied that I chose to study early childhood education, and happy that I am in such a warm and inclusive department. From studying in the department, I take not only tools on how to be a kindergarten teacher, but also how to be a mother. I would recommend every woman to study early childhood education."

The Program

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