The Temkin Center empowers interns and beginning teachers in personal, social, emotional, organizational, and pedagogical issues. The center offers individual and group support by a team of experts through various empowerment workshops, courses, seminars, and support programs that build and develop the new teaching staff’s personal, professional, and even organizational resilience and identity. 

The center opens its doors to all interns and new teachers from Israeli society in general and Arab society in particular.


The main aspects of the center’s support and services: 

  1. Personal, emotional, and social support and interpersonal communication.
  2. Empowerment, strengthening self-ability, and personal and professional resilience.
  3. Strengthening the “professional self” of the intern and the beginning teacher.
  4. Assistance in the school’s admission process and creating an academic and social classroom climate.
  5. Assistance in building optimal parent-educator communication.
  6. Assistance in dealing with differences between the students and treating children with special needs.
  7. Help and assistance in integrating into the system and in relations with superiors, the team, and other relevant personnel.
  8. Exposure to models of solving disciplinary problems and creating classroom behavior norms.
  9. Exposure to coping models, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

Contact us

For further information, please get in touch with Ms. Amar Haj Ali

04-905-8039; [email protected]

Reception hours: Sunday-Thursday, Saturday 8:30-15:30