During the second year of teaching, which begins after the end of the internship and the receipt of the teaching license, new teachers and new kindergarten teachers are required to participate in a course aimed at continuing professional development and supporting entry into the education system.

Course structure: 30 academic hours in a peer workshop format, recognized for professional development credits + 20 hours of personal supervision from a tutoring teacher/kindergarten teacher (as detailed below). 

The course includes 10 sessions of 3 hours each, held once every two weeks. The workshops will be held on Fridays/Saturdays in the morning between 9:00 and 12:00. The course is mandatory for all teachers in the education system. It is recognized for rank promotion in the “Ofek Hadash” and “Oz LeTmura” reforms.

New teaching staff employed for less than a half-time position (the minimum for promotion as detailed in the wage agreements) or are employed through associations: the course hours will be recognized for promotion purposes once they enter work under the conditions of the “Ofek Hadash” reform.

New teaching staff who do not work under “Ofek Hadash” or “Oz LeTmura” conditions will be able to integrate into a course of their choice. In the future, once they enter “Ofek Hadash” or “Oz LeTmura” conditions, the course hours will be recognized to determine the starting rank.

New teaching staff who integrate into an additional framework for professional development in institutional training at the request of a school principal – will be recognized for a maximum of 30 additional hours. See the Teaching Staff Portal (Hebrew)

Course requirements: attendance at 80% of the meetings, active participation, completing assignments/submitting a paper.

Please contact the Teachers’ Induction Unit Secretariat for registration and further details.

– Ms. Kamar Haj Ali, phone 04-905-8039

– Ms. Laila Shebli, phone 04-905-8041

Tutoring-teacher / Tutoring-kindergarten teacher

Upon starting work at the school, one must arrange for the appointment of an accompanying teacher/kindergarten teacher, as detailed below.

A tutoring teacher is an experienced colleague who accompanies the novice teaching employee following the internship year for 20 hours per year and provides professional-didactic, social, and emotional support.

The tutoring teacher may be selected from the school staff, a regional professional staff, or the college lecturers’ staff, with the approval of the school principal or the kindergarten supervisor. These meetings are a condition for the completion of the training.

Upon starting work at the school, one must arrange for the appointment of the tutoring teacher, have the school or kindergarten principal sign the tutoring-teacher appointment form, and deliver the form to the course coordinator.

For further details of the conditions required to fill a tutoring position, see teaching staff portal > Internship and entry into teaching (Hebrew)

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements:

Teaching Certificate

Working at a school, at minimum a third of a position, and for at least 6 months. 

Successful completion of the internship year

Form signed by the required parties (as specified in the form)

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