Over the past few years, Sakhnin Academic College has acquired prestige and status in the international academic community. The college takes part in several notable projects of international bodies, including the European Union.  It maintains close relationships through visits, conferences, hospitality, exchange of ideas and programs, research, student meetings, and student and faculty exchanges with academic institutions worldwide.

As a partner in these projects, the college takes an active part in the development of innovative tools and advanced teaching methods that enrich existing curricula and develop new courses in diverse fields and subjects; it promotes the professional development of the faculty members and enriches their academic experience and that of the students. The college aims to encourage every student to participate in international activities and gain skills and experience for such endeavors.


By 2030, Sakhnin College will be an institution of robust international cooperation, research, mobility, and joint degree programs and projects, including virtual education.  Students from abroad will comprise 5% of the student body, approx. 125 students, thereby augmenting the College’s status as an institution of higher learning and improving the perception of Sakhnin and Arab society in general.


The International Relations Unit endeavors to:  

  1. Increase international partnerships and collaborations.
  2. Increase international mobility of students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Increase matriculation numbers and graduation of international students at Sakhnin College.
  4. Advance 21st-century skills across the college, especially promoting multiculturalism, diplomacy, and other skills needed for international activities.
  5. Increase community impact through the implementation of meaningful programs and projects.


  1. Commitment to excellence.
  2. Respect for each person’s dignity and a commitment to empathy, understanding, and recognition of oneself in the other.
  3. Honoring one’s heritage while promoting inclusion and diversity of cultures and perspectives.
  4. Service and leadership for the advancement of all communities, particularly Arab society.