Proper entry into the education system and optimal absorption within it depend, among other things, on adequate guidance and on support and evaluation processes as they shape the professional identity and develop the commitment to the profession. Therefore, the purpose of the unit is to ensure the optimal absorption and professional growth of the interns and the new kindergarten and schoolteachers by training them at the college, by training teachers as instructors and mentors, and by establishing and developing collaborations with the education system.

In addition, the unit features up-to-date studies on the challenges of entering teaching, offers practical models in the field, and operates the “Temkin Center” for interns and beginning teachers’ empowerment in personal, social, emotional, organizational, and pedagogical issues.

Administrative staff:

Dr. Waleed Dallasheh, head of the induction unit and internship coordinator, [email protected] 

Dr. Ihab Zubeidat, coordinator of beginning teachers and instructing teachers, [email protected] 

Ms. Amar Haj Ali, unit secretary  [email protected] 

Phone: 04-905-8039

Reception hours: Sunday-Thursday, Saturday 8:30-15:30