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The Department of English Language and Literature offers two training tracks: a graduate degree in education (B.Ed.) specializing in teaching English to elementary-school ages; and a graduate degree in education (B.Ed.) specializing in teaching English to upper elementary school ages.

The program in the English department spans four years. It is designed to train teachers with advanced academic knowledge, a broad and deep understanding of the English language and literature, and the didactic skills to teach it. Teachers with awareness and the ability to think reflectively about the personal and professional processes they go through, as well as about the educational processes that take place in the classroom and at the school on an individual and group level.

The disciplinary studies in English consist of four primary areas of knowledge – language and skills, literature, linguistics, and didactics of English – which are studied comprehensively and in-depth, with a particular emphasis on teaching English as a second foreign language.

Throughout their studies, the students are exposed to various issues and topics in the world of education and acquire tools, methods, and skills for teaching English. The curriculum deals with curricula, approaches, theories, various pedagogical tools, measurement and evaluation tools, and more. The practical experience allows them to practice their skills in real situations in the classroom, perfect their didactic ability, and gain experience and confidence in their work as teachers.

The four-year program consists of 117-124 weekly hours (w-hrs.) (depending on the selected track). It is comprised of the following components: specialization studies in English (50 w-hrs.), educational studies (23 w-hrs.), core studies (14 w-hrs.), practical experience (18 w-hrs.), and skills A-B (elementary track) (7 w-hrs.).

The Unit of English as a Foreign Language – Registration and Levels Classification 

All students admitted to Sakhnin Academic College for a bachelor’s degree are sorted into English courses and are required to complete their English requirements, up to the “exemption” level, no later than the end of the year preceding the last year of their studies. For all details in Unit of English as a Foreign Language.

The Unit of English as a Foreign Language

The Unit of English as a Foreign Language

Registration and Levels Classification 

All students admitted to Sakhnin Academic College for a bachelor’s degree are sorted into English courses according to the results of the English part of the psychometric test, Amir test, or Amiram test (as detailed in the table below).

The unit of English as a foreign language offers mandatory courses and preparation for exemption from studying English as a foreign language at pre-basic, basic, advanced A, and advanced B levels. The purpose of the courses is to provide students with skills in reading comprehension in English and other academic skills that will help them succeed in their academic journey. Registration for the exempt English courses is done through the portal.

All students will be required to begin their English studies from the first semester of their studies, except for students who have been classified into advanced level A or advanced level B and will be able to begin throughout their first year of study.

All students must complete their English requirements up to the “exemption” level. The deadline for this will be no later than the end of the year preceding the last year of their studies (for example, the end of the second year for a three-year degree and the end of the third year for a four-year degree). An exemption from English requirements will only be granted with passing the appropriate exams. Students who fail to meet this deadline will not be allowed to transfer to the following year.

Accommodations for students with learning disabilities will be determined following the Law on the Rights of Students with Learning Disabilities in Postsecondary Institutions, 2008, and the subsidiary legislation that will be established under it. In exceptional and justified cases, the institution will allow individual students to extend the period for the completion of the English requirements, provided that the student has met all his/her requirements as stated by the end of his/her studies.


Below is the breakdown of the English study levels:

English learning level Psychometric / Amiram test Amir test
Exemption  134+ 234+
Advanced B 120-133 220-233 4 weekly hours
Advanced A 100-119 200-219 4 weekly hours
Basic  85-99 185-199 6 weekly hours
Pre-basic B 70-84 170-184 6 weekly hours
Pre-basic A 50-69 150-169 8 weekly hours

For questions and inquiries, contact Ms. Samia Yassin, the college secretary.

By email: [email protected] 

By phone: 972-4-9058000

Reception hours: Sunday 12.20-13.20; Monday 12:10-13:20; Saturday 08.00-10.00.

Unit coordinator: Prof. Jamal Asadi, [email protected] 

Academic staff

Our Graduates Talk

Reem Sawa’d
B.Ed. degree, 2014-2018
“I chose this college for its combination of courses in language and pedagogical training. Diverse course content, exposure to various educational contexts, and dedicated instructors, they have all prepared me to enter the field confidently” (currently pursuing an M.A. at Tel-Aviv University).
Ahlam Mousa
B.Ed. degree, 2006-2010
“My overall experience in the College has been rich because of the teachers who regarded teaching as a sacred mission and taught me to approach learning in the same way [...] The College motivated me to continue my academic path and provided me with the best tools to achieve a master’s degree in English (which I completed at Tel Aviv Univ.).”
Namrin Assadi
B.Ed. degree, 2009-2012
“Throughout this journey, I have grown to be a more knowledgeable and aware person. The courses gave me an extensive realization of the role of teaching and helped me understand how to work successfully and deal with different kinds of students, colleagues, superiors and parents, and the system itself.” (completed an M.A. at Tel-Aviv University).
Hanan Qaddah
B.Ed. degree, 2011-2014
“I had the most fun learning amid an environment that felt like family more than anything else. The professional lecturers were very cooperative, making me feel respected and supported as a student.” (completed an M.A. at Haifa Univ.)
Soad Shibly
B.Ed. degree, 2013-2015, Excellence track
“I have become more fluent in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, and a better teacher. This enhancement would not have been achieved without the help of my competent lecturers who have efficient teaching skills, different teaching methods, and creativity, and who are my inspiration.” (completed an M.A. at Tel-Aviv University).

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