The program trains science teachers for grades 1 through 6. It grants a graduate degree in teaching (B.Ed) and a teaching certificate in a dual-major format (science for grades 1-6 and Arabic).


The purpose of the program is to prepare the students for educational work with elementary school-age students and to expose them to a wealth of content from the various fields of science (biology, chemistry, physics, life sciences, material sciences, earth and space sciences, and technology) while emphasizing the importance of these fields for their daily lives and that of their future students, on a personal, national and environmental level; and on developing thinking skills, strategies for solving problems, and a perceptual infrastructure that enables handling of information, research, discovery, and problem-solving.


The program was built following the curricula currently employed in elementary schools in the field of science. It prepares the students for educational work in the community and ensures their success, as well as that of their students. The program consists of teacher training studies (including targeted training for teaching in grades 1-2), core and enrichment studies, as well as designated disciplinary studies (Sciences: 26 weekly-hrs., Science Education: 15 weekly-hrs., Arabic Language and Literature: 15 weekly-hrs.).


The science education studies include, among others, the field of science history, philosophy of science, quantitative thinking, and the development of creative thinking, and expose students to principles in science teaching, creative teaching methods, and computerized environments in science teaching. Arabic language and literature studies in the curriculum include the key areas of knowledge in the field, and particular emphasis is given to developing skills for language cultivation, teaching reading and writing, and teaching children’s literature.

Academic staff

Students and Graduates tell

Suruk Khativ
Studied in the department between 2012-2016
"I had a lot of fun during my studies. The program was vibrant, it gave me disciplinary knowledge in science and thinking skills and allowed me to acquire teaching tools and strategies that help me a lot in my work as a teacher in the science field, at a school for the gifted."
Rawan Gnaim
Studied between in the department 2013-2017
"I studied science at Sakhnin College. The lecturers were excellent and helped me a lot, and the atmosphere was homey. I acquired a lot of knowledge and left with a toolbox that included skills and innovative teaching methods that have greatly contributed to my professional life. I am currently teaching and working as a substitute teacher and as an instructor in scientific research and science magic in various schools. I highly recommend studying at Sakhnin College."
Missing Name
Third Year Student
"Every day I enjoy myself more and more at the college. I study and acquire scientific knowledge, and the lecturers - without exception, and especially the head of the department - are always available to help both during reception hours and on the phone. Through practical experience, I come to the school every week and get to know the field closely, I am exposed to people and teachers from the discipline and we discuss teaching methods and engage in peer learning."
Missing Name
Third Year Student
"I have been studying at the college for three years and, it is like a warm home. I have a good relationship with the lecturers and students, and I study and acquire knowledge. I am experimenting with teaching science to be an excellent teacher in the future. I strongly recommend coming and studying at Sakhnin College."

The Program

Component First Year Year B Year C Year D Total
Teacher Training Studies 6 6 7 2 21
Teacher Training Studies grades 1-2 7 - - - 7
Disciplinary Studies - Sciences 5 8 9 4 26
Disciplinary Studies - Scientific Education 2 4 5 4 15
Disciplinary Studies - Arabic Language and Literature 3 5 5 2 15
Core and Enrichment Studies 6-8 2-4 1 9-13 -
Practical Experience 3 6 6 - 15
Final Thesis - Final Project - - - - -
Total 32-34 31-33 33 12 108-111


  • No admission requirements
  • Eligibility for a matriculation certificate
  • Matriculation average 92 or higher
  • Admission interview for studies

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