The program offers training to become school evaluators (measurement and evaluation coordinators) and for various evaluation positions within multiple frameworks of the education system (local authority, district, Ministry of Education headquarters, etc.). It deals with two areas of evaluation in education: the first – evaluation of students and the second – evaluation of programs and projects, institutions and systems, personnel, and more.

 This two-year program grants a master’s degree in education (M.Ed.) with a specialization in school evaluation. It is intended for those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a teaching certificate (preferably with proven teaching experience) who, in addition to continuing their work as teachers or other officials in the school, are interested in fulfilling the role of evaluation coordinator within a school setting or in other frameworks at the locality, district or general education system levels.

It was built on the concept that its graduates must also understand the nature of evaluation, its importance, and its roles in the field of education, as well as get to know the system within which they operate on its pedagogical, organizational, and social aspects.

The program includes 4 areas of study, totaling 25 weekly hrs. (w-hrs.), through which it aims to provide graduates with four specific sets of skills: methodological training in quantitative and qualitative research methods (7 w-hrs.); imparting knowledge, principles, and tools for implementing evaluation and its roles in the education system (9 w-hrs.);   deep understanding of learning, teaching and curriculum planning processes (4 w-hrs.); and acquaintance with the social and organizational aspects of the education system in Israel  (4 w-hrs.). And in addition, an elective workshop accompanies the final project (1 w-hrs.).

Academic staff

The program

Component First Year Year B Total
Required/ Mandatory courses (total 16 weekly-hrs.),Methodological Infrastructure Studies 5 2 7 w-hrs
Required/ Mandatory courses (total 16 weekly-hrs.),Evaluation Studies in Education 4 5 (Incl. seminar & required workshop) 9 w-hrs
Elective courses (Total 9 weekly-hrs.), Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Planning 4 (incl. required seminar) 4 4 w-hrs
Elective courses (Total 9 weekly-hrs.), Social and Organizational Aspects 4 (incl. required seminar) 4 4 w-hrs
Elective courses (Total 9 weekly-hrs.), Elective Workshop 1 Final project 1 w-hrs
Total 14 11 25 w-hrs

Admission requirements

Admission requirements 

  • A bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade average of 80.
  • Proficiency in English at the exemption level.
  • Teaching Certificate
  • 2 letters of recommendation attesting to the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and previous performance.
  • Admission interview.

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