1. Teach is an innovative program that offers a master’s degree in teaching and a teaching certificate for the secondary school track in one of 3 fields of knowledge: mathematics, computer science and English. The program operates in many countries and has also been operating for several years in the leading colleges of education in Israel.
  2. Teach is intended for candidates with a B.A. in mathematics, computer science, English and other related subjects (as well as candidates with a B.A. with a partial background in the required professional field), who do not have a teaching certificate and wish to teach in secondary schools.

The program is designed to train graduates who aspire to excel in teaching and who are conversant in the disciplinary fields, who have the most advanced skills and tools in the personal-emotional-social, didactic, organizational, pedagogical and techno pedagogic fields, as well as the ability to combine them. Graduates who are committed to education and see it as a way of life, with a developed moral and humanistic orientation and sensitivity to the human differences found among their students, who will strive to establish an inclusive, multicultural and empowering educational discourse.

The program aims to upgrade the profile of those involved in teaching and to ensure that schools will have academically educated, sensitive, dynamic teachers with leadership ability and a sense of social and cultural mission. Teachers who will be able to observe the educational field in which they operate, identify and analyze processes, dilemmas and educational opportunities, and take an active part in its development and design.

To this end, the training process is aimed at giving students a sense of growth, value and capability, personal development, success and self-realization, an experience of discovery and a response to their curiosity and professionalism. It emphasizes the cultivation of critical thinking and in-depth and exploratory observation, the imparting of advanced pedagogical and research methodologies and tools, and the development of training adapted to the new pedagogical era of the 21st century.

Specifically, at Sakhnin College, the purpose of the program is to train academic teachers in the Arab society in Israel, who will lead the educational activities in the Arab society in all its aspects. Teachers familiar with the rapid changes in knowledge, in the learning environment, and the cultural characteristics and values guiding Arab society and students, and who have a strong desire to engage in the field of teaching and education, as well as the ability to fully meet the challenge placed before them. 

The curriculum consists of education studies, teaching studies in the chosen discipline, and practical experience in schools. It lasts two years, with 33 weekly hours which include one day of studying at the college and two days of practical experience in schools.

Academic staff

סטודנטים ובוגרים מספרים

Muhammad Hossein
, studied at the college between 2019-2021
I worked in the financial field for years, until I decided to study the teaching profession. I looked into many programs, compared them and decided to join the M Teach program at Sakhnin College, specializing in teaching mathematics. The program is suitable for anyone who thinks about teaching as a profession, and it is full of content and rich in knowledge. The lecturers are among the best in the country, and they gave us the tools to not only integrate into the field of teaching, but also to lead and influence, through a variety of academic courses and practical experience in the field. The program offers a prestigious combination of a teaching certificate and a master's degree in teaching mathematics, computers or English. I am very happy that I took part in the program and am looking forward to the moment when I will integrate into the field of teaching in order to apply all the knowledge and tools I acquired during my studies.
Alaa Tarek Murad
studied at the college between 2018-2020
"I studied in the M. Teach program at Sakhnin between 2018-2020. At first, I was very worried and especially since I came from a different field - a bachelor's degree in nursing. In the beginning I had difficulties with English language and literature, but once I started my studies I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of studies and the warm treatment I received from the program head, its coordinators, lecturers and the administrative staff. The warm attitude, the team’s understanding and down to earth approach encouraged me to study and succeed. After graduating I was accepted a teaching position at "Alchiat" high school in Hura. Today I teach English as a foreign language and prepare students for matriculation at four- and five-unit levels. I am also responsible for the issue of drop-out and inclusion at the school. It should be noted that my studies within the program contributed a lot to my work as a teacher, as an educator and as a school official. It should be noted that my studies within the program contributed a lot to my work as a teacher, as an educator and as a school official. Academically speaking, I began publishing articles on the subject of teaching English as a foreign language, in international journals in the English language and I hope to continue my studies for a PhD at one of the universities in Israel."

The M. Teach Program

Component First Year Total
Education Studies - 8
Seminar on Methodology for Teaching the Discipline - 2
Empirical Seminar in Education - 2
Research Methodology - 4
Pedagogy and Methodology for Teaching the Discipline - 8
Practical Experience - 9
Total - 33

Admission requirements

Admission requirements 

  • A bachelor’s degree in exact sciences, mathematics or geometry with a minimum grade average of 70, or a bachelor’s degree in education or humanities and social sciences with a minimum grade average of 80.
  • Admission interview.
  • Arabic language entry exam, in accordance with the Ministry of Education guidelines (for graduates of academic institutions whose first language is not Arabic).
  • Candidates with a foreign academic degree:

o A minimum score of 85 in the Ya’el exam (Hebrew classification test).

o A minimum score of 75 in the Disciplinary Knowledge exam.

Students without an academic background in the relevant fields will be required to complete supplementary studies.


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Ms. Sherine Hibi
Administrative Manager
Mrs. Mai Assala