In 2001, the “Sakhnin Academic College for Teacher Education” opened its doors for the first time. Driven by faith, determination, and a desire to contribute to Arab society, help everyone exhaust their abilities, and obtain a higher education, the college developed with significant momentum.

The story of Sakhnin Academic College’s development characterizes the beauty in the heart of the Israeli mosaic. It began with the mobilization of academics living in the north, continued with the long-term vision of the original association and academic council members, and culminated in the addition of various people and organizations who understood the national importance of this endeavor.

The common thread connecting the different parts was visionary men and women who took the seeds of the idea, nurtured it with a loving hand, and jointly decided to provide an adequate response to the vital needs of the Israeli Arab population. Their shared vision was to bring higher education to the Arab community in the north and allow everyone, especially women, in Israeli Arab society access to high-quality academic studies and the opportunity to study and develop. Their ambition was to provide an avenue for young men and women who sought to acquire an academic education in teaching, responding to a shortage of Arabic-speaking academic institutions due to the neglect of the Arabic-speaking population in the northern region since the establishment of the state. 

And so, on 25.09.2001, the dream was realized, and the state approved the establishment of an academic college for teacher education in Sakhnin.

The directors of the new college, who were from the community, made sure to adapt the curriculum to the needs they identified within the community and the Arab school system. The college opened its doors with three study programs that met these needs: English, mathematics-computer science, and special education.

In 2004, the Council for Higher Education (CHE) approved the college to operate as an institution for higher education. In addition, its academic council was expanded, adding professionals to help design, direct, and navigate the curriculum and overall supervision in a way that would improve the level and quality of studies and teaching at the college. The council members – well-known academics in their field, headed by Prof. Reuven Lazarovitch (Emeritus Technion) – gave their support out of a shared sense of mission and a desire to participate in this honorable enterprise.

Today, the Sakhnin Academic College for Teacher Education is a center of activity that inspires pride and respect. It is considered in the country in general, and among the Arab population in particular, as a leader in its field. An institution of higher education that leads in the promotion of education, academic discourse, and knowledge. An institution that annually cultivates a new generation of academic degree holders, high-quality and motivated educators, and teachers. An institution that nurtures a professional faculty that participates in local and international projects, research, and publications; an institution that can be proud of a wealth of educational initiatives on the part of its students, faculty members, and administration.

A magnificent academic institution that impressively fulfills the vision of its leadership.