1. Transition to a general college – promotion of the requirements for transition from a college only for the training of workers and teaching staff to a general college that trains its students in other job-creating professions such as economics and management, computer science, and health and welfare professions.
  2. Promoting and cultivating research in the college – encouraging a research culture among the academic staff: publishing articles in leading scholarly journals, initiating and participating in local and international research projects, and presenting their research at leading local and international conferences.
  3. Promoting and fostering international activity in the college, turning the Sakhnin campus into an international venue by continuing to promote participation in international projects, student and faculty exchanges with leading academic institutions abroad, as well as building bridges and dialogue-based strategic relationships with international foundations.
  4. Advancing the academic profile of the college faculty – cultivating quality faculty from a professional and academic point of view, continuing to recruit leading faculty members, and recruiting and cultivating outstanding young faculty.
  5. Continuing to raise the quality of candidates accepted for teaching through the refinement of the screening and control processes and the expansion of the target audiences, including the Jewish sector, to which the college caters.
  6. Continuing the expansion and deepening of the academic field through constant adaptation and updating of the study programs, as well as the addition of new courses, tracks, and study programs adapted to the spirit of the times and technological developments.
  7. Expanding the academic certification that the college also offers for a research master’s degree (with a thesis).