The Special Education Department – track for ages 6-21

The special education track aims to train special education teachers to have knowledge, tools, and teaching skills at a high professional and academic level. This four-year track grants a graduate degree in teaching (B.ed) and a teaching certificate for ages 6-21.

The curriculum emphasizes the connection between the theoretical knowledge students acquire and its practical application in the field, which is achieved through field trips to special education frameworks and a practical experience model that enables students to experience both integrating and special education frameworks. The model emphasizes active involvement in school life in various aspects, assignments adapted to the nature and goals of the track, and more. 

The topics studied include courses in the areas of specialization, education, didactics, and evaluation, which enable students to become inclusive teachers who have a deep understanding of the characteristics of special education students and who have awareness and reflective thinking regarding their processes and regarding educational processes which take place in the classroom and at the school, at the individual and group level.

The lecturers of the department are leading experts at the national and international level, who follow the developments in relevant fields and the directives of the Ministry of Education, and accordingly constantly update the contents of the courses. The studies are of the highest academic level and place great emphasis on preparing the graduates for further studies for higher academic degrees, some of which already exist at the college, such as the clinical master’s degree program in learning disabilities. As in all courses at the college, learning is in the Arabic language with an emphasis on proficiency in the professional lexicon in both Hebrew and English.

The curriculum is a total of 114-128 weekly hours (w-hrs.) comprised of the following components: basic studies (8-16 w-hrs.), education studies (30 w-hrs.), specialization studies in special education (28 w-hrs.), general specialization studies (30 w-hrs.), s.h.), and practical experience (18-24 w-hrs.).

Academic staff

The Program

Component First Year Year B Year C Total
Specialization in Special Education - - - 28
Practical Experience - - - 18-24
Core Studies - - - 8-16
Education Studies - - - 30
General Specialization Studies (Sciences, Mathematics and Arabic) - - - 30
Total - - - 114-128
Specialization in Special Education

Students and graduates tell

Ibtesal Amara
"During my studies I learned a lot, I acquired tools and strategies that helped me in my work as a teacher. The program is structured in a way that allows students to continue towards a master's degree in learning disabilities with extensive knowledge in the field."
Aseel Safadi
"During my studies, I acquired tools, skills and learning strategies that helped me a lot in my work as a special education teacher and also in my everyday life. The orderly and varied curriculum together with the personal treatment given to each student at the college helped me develop my self-skills and my personality."
Maisaa Gabareen
"Studies were a challenging experience for me in which I acquired a lot of knowledge, skills and tools, and which had a tremendous impact on my professional and personal development. I always felt valued and supported thanks to the great faculty of lecturers and other officials who were always available and ready to help in everything, and today I continue towards a master's degree."
Weaam Affan
"The curriculum was intriguing and varied and touched on areas that really interested me [...] I found a framework that nurtured me and exposed me to new perspectives on the education system, allowing me to develop a more discerning and professional eye."
Zenab Ababsi
began her studies in 2021
"I enjoy every moment in the special education department at the college [...] the program and the faculty allow for self-realization, development of skills and interests, and optimal integration into society and the community"
Marwa Badarne
began her studies in 2021
"The program covers a wide range of subjects in the fields of specialization and other fields, and I feel that I will be very professional when I graduate, and rich in knowledge and tools. The teaching staff is considerate and listens and is always ready to help."

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