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Master's degree M.Ed

The unit for advanced studies at the Sakhnin Academic College offers studies and certification of two types:

  1. Master of Education (M.Ed.) in one of 4 specializations (management and organization of education systems, educational counseling, school assessment, or learning disabilities), aimed at a target audience of actual teachers and those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a teaching certificate.
  2. Master’s degree in teaching and a teaching certificate (M.Teach) for the secondary schools track in one of 3 subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science, and English, aimed at a target audience of undergraduates training to become teachers.

The Advanced Studies Unit works to leverage students’ achievements to contribute to Arab society, promote it and bring about change in the educational-socio-cultural sphere. This is achieved by developing programs that empower the students and the education system in all its components: principals, deputy principals, counselors, evaluators, assessors, early childhood kindergarten teachers, and teachers.

The unit maintains a teaching-learning-assessment space, reflected in innovative, future-oriented, and computer-based pedagogy adapted to the 21st century, in quality and prestigious curricula, in empowering the unit’s staff and students and contributing to the community.

The college leads students to personal and professional excellence. The master’s degree specializations have been selected and designed to ensure that their graduates will, in time, become the designers of the future of education and teaching and will work to change the face of Arab society in the State of Israel. 

Throughout their studies, students are exposed to a wide range of advanced educational-pedagogical approaches and learning technologies that they will instill within the educational institutions in which they integrate. They will become arrowheads in these institutions, introducing them to advanced management, assessment, counseling, treatment, and diagnosis methods.

Admission requirements are detailed on the various program pages.