The program is intended for academics who wish to undergo retraining for teaching and require a teaching certificate, as well as teachers who have a teaching license but not a teaching certificate. The goal is to enable these target audiences to realize their educational and professional goals in a framework adapted to their preferences and to provide them with knowledge and teaching skills, emphasizing the development of personal ability.

The curriculum consists of basic studies, education, teaching studies, and specialization studies in the chosen field of knowledge.

The head of the track/specialization determines the curriculum. It is adapted to the candidate’s previous education, years of teaching experience, the requirements of the chosen specialization, and schedule constraints.

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum average grade of 75 or a minimum average of 70 for those with an academic degree in natural and exact sciences.
  • A minimum score of 70 in the Arabic language entry exam (for those specializing in Arabic language and literature, a minimum score of 75 is required).
  • Certification by the Ministry of Education’s Division for Evaluation of Foreign Academic Degrees (for holders of a degree from foreign countries).
  • A passing score of at least 85 in the Ya’el test for holders of a degree from foreign countries (the Hebrew classification test for candidates whose mother tongue is not Hebrew).
  • Holders of a degree from foreign countries with certification by the Ministry of Education’s Division for Evaluation of Foreign Academic Degrees, who register for a teaching certificate that corresponds to the disciplinary specialization of their degree, will be required to pass a knowledge test in the discipline with a score of at least 75.

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Dr. Younis Abu Al-Haija